Certified Contractor Installation of Fluid Applied Roofing System

The Details of Seamless Roofing

Contractor's Notes

Hi, I'm Doug, a roofing contractor in Salmon, ID. I've been in the roofing contractor business for over 20 years; I know roofing, especially seamless roofing.  20 years doesn't make just anyone an expert, but for those who  stay up on the most modern, cost-effective, eco-friendly roofing systems, I'm your guy.  I know the old ways and new ways, the in's and out's of repairs, damage and inspections.  I can recommend the most effective roofing system, and KEY here, a maintenance program, that your building needs.  I'm not into pushy sales, just reality and customer service.

Maintenance is the KEY for anything to last longer - so that's our teams' focus here with GreenLeaf Seamless Roofing.  We can certainly repair, or tear-off and replace your roof, but what an expense and inconvenience!  How much better to MAINTAIN your current roof system and avoid the costs of major repairs and replacement.

We want to help you avoid the frustrations of leaks and damage.  Contact us for a complete guide to our Roof Maintenance Programs.

Following will be a comprehensive explanation of our featured product, UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems, and why we have chosen to become certified installers of it - we believe in this product, here's why:

Seamless liquid waterproofing roof systems have developed into excellent products for almost any roof.

These high performance coatings are strong, flexible and durable.

The application process allows the system to be applied to nearly any substrate.

The "BIG" advantage of using a liquid system is the fact that it is TOTALLY seamless, FULLY bonded, EXTREMELY flexible and vapor permeable - THUS allowing the substrate to be a total watertight roof.

Being liquid applied, this roofing system makes detailing complex shapes very easy, as it will mold to any shape and not leave any joints, laps or vulnerable seals.

Health and safety risks are also reduced as this product is cold applied (no hot kettles or flames needed for installation), and has a very high fire rating.

Another bonus is that this system is very Cost-Effective when it comes to the end of its service life; "The Warranty Guarantee" can be extended simply by applying a fresh new top coat.

The warranty on this product is a bonus and the company stands behind its certified installers, which we are.

There are many, many benefits to a Liquid Applied Roofing System - I could bore you with ALL "The Details", but instead, I hit the high points and am happy to further explain anything you may have a question about, just call or email!

Remember - this fluid applied roofing system is a $$$$ savings alternative to a roof replacement, it's energy star  rated, sustainable and eco-friendly - can you ask for more? Maybe, but you can't have it all - just the best.

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The advantage of Fluid Applied Roofing Systems.

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