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 We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you! 

Services Offered

Roof Inspections - Drone with Video

Thorough, honest, contractor expert roof inspections to determine the state your roof is in, including moisture testing.  The drone will record video, measurements and moisture content - all able to be viewed by the customer.

Restoring Your Existing Roof System

Why tear-off?  We can restore your current system with a Fuild Applied Seamless Waterproof Roof System and then sign you up for our maintenance program.  Enjoy a possible tax  break while you're at it.

Maintaining Your Current Roofing System

Why wait for a costly repair?  We offer to maintain your current roof that will keep your roof with professional eyes on it and prevent problems from developing.

Fluid Applied Waterproof Roofing Systems

Need a new roof?  We are certified installers of UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems.  For new, or existing roofs. Seamless, Waterproof, Reflective, Environmentally Friendly, Great Warranty - wow!

Full Maintenance Program Packages

Want to NOT worry about your roof - say for the next 20 years?  We offer several maintenance packages that keep your roof under our care; honest inspections, cleaned and maintained.

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Seamless Liquid Waterproofing Roof Systems

FACT: People are looking for ways to lower energy costs.  Applying a reflective roof coating on a buildings roof will help decrease the building's temperature.  Highly reflective white coatings reflect 85% of the sun's radiant heat, dramatically lowering the temperature of the underlying roof and preventing further wearing.  UNIFLEX has an exceptionally high Solar Reflectance index, lowering your energy costs.

Extend the Life of Your Roof:

UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing Systems are installed onto existing roofs to extend the service life of the facility.


This system is resistant to blistering, cracking and flaking - protecting the roof from further weathering and degradation.

Environmentally Responsible:

The non-toxic formulations of UNIFLX do not require hot kettles or flames during application. It is a safer process and the environmental benefits are significant.  Our cleaning process also saves on water and does not infuse harsh chemicals.  We are truly an Eco-Friendly Roofing Alternative!

Ready for the NEXT Awesome Thing About This Product!?:


Because roof maintenance system jobs are often deductible in the first year while most TOTAL roof replacements are not, some building owners realize a tax benefit when using the UNIFLEX Fluid Applied Roofing System.

OTHER Benefits:

  • No Tear-Off's - no disruptions to occupants.
  • Lightweight Solutions - ounces, not pounds, of material per sq ft.
  • SEAMLESS WATERPROOFING - strong, flexible, durable.
  • Energy & Utility Savings - significant energy savings, cost-saving installation, possible utility rebates. 


What Makes Greenleaf Different

Reliable Experts

As a premier company dedicated to providing premier customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every assignment.​ We offer a wide range of services to meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost effective workmanship.


We will work with you to meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects. We will maintain open communication with you to keep you up to date on the status of your job. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 As a licensed and insured roofing contractor company, we strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, the highest quality seamless roofing materials and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.

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